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RK2 thanks friends, Flat Stan crashes

January 13, 2010

Starting a new firm in the deepest depths of the greatest recession since the term “recession” entered common usage is daunting.  Fortunately, we’ve had incredible support and encouragement from friends and colleagues, without whom this venture would not be possible (and certainly not as fun).

So, as our way of saying thank you, RK2 threw a party on Friday, blowing our entire annual marketing budget in the very first week.  (If you notice us conserving business cards in December, you’ll know why.)  Several dozen friends of RK2 gathered at the Big Picture in Belltown where we closed the book on 2009, our first partial year in business, and greeted 2010 with renewed optimism.

Guests overcame numerous obstacles to attend.  First and foremost was slow (and, in some cases, non-) delivery of invitations.  The U.S. Postal Service does a much better job delivering mail than I could myself, so I have no business complaining, but it’s clear the holiday rush didn’t help us get the word out.

Second was the torrential downpour that enshrouded Seattle in a damp, dark, drenching deluge.  Then there was the impossible parking situation.  And, finally, an inconvenience inadvertently inflicted by me: invitations with the wrong address.  Clearly, I should relinquish my proofreader’s credentials.  (I am currently in the process of buying lunch for each and every person I sent to Second Avenue instead of First).

Photo courtesy of Keith Officer

In spite of all that, we did have one uninvited guest.  I’m talking about Flat Stanley, pictured above.  Though not on the guest list, he was, without a doubt, the hit of the party.  However, being two-dimensional, and a bit of a lightweight, he would be wise next time to steer clear of the bar.

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