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More Sarbanes-Oxley greeting cards

November 8, 2009

Our first Sarbanes-Oxley greeting card was more popular than I expected.  Apparently, there is pent up demand for cards that express a range of sentiments that arise from compliance with our nation’s financial regulations.  Hallmark, take note.  So, I am reluctantly publishing a few more.  My dream of writing a blog that provides serious commentary and keen business insight will have to be put on hold for yet another day.

This first card is appropriate for expressing sympathy to long-suffering consultants at Big Four audit firms.  As we are all aware, Sarbanes-Oxley’s independence restrictions have reduced the scope of services that may be provided to audit clients.  This can be deeply troubling to trusted business advisors who once prided themselves on their ability to roll up their sleeves and help clients tackle tough problems.  You can’t time-warp back to 1999 but this inspirational card can let the consulting manager in your life know that he or she is not alone…


The Act hasn’t just affected the public accounting profession.  It has had a significant impact on CFOs, as well.  There is a new emphasis on internal control and this card can help celebrate the joy of overcoming seemingly intractable control weaknesses…


And lastly, we all know that dealing with our complex regulatory environment requires a lot of work down in the trenches.  This card is equally appropriate for auditors working on Sarbanes-Oxley engagements and for client accounting personnel dealing with the additional workload…


Do you have an idea for a Sarbanes-Oxley greeting card?  Drop us a note.

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