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RK2 hits the web

October 2, 2009

After considerable evening and weekend effort, the RK2 Advisory website is finally up.  Visit to take a peek.  Rather than contracting with a professional design firm, I built the site by hand using the Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, ImageReady and Dreamweaver.

Lesson: Next time, hire a professional design firm.

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  1. Dave Campbell permalink
    October 12, 2009 3:18 pm

    Your website looks good. It’s just the opportunity cost that hurts. You need the new Lean Website Technology to guide you in making a zero opportunity cost website.

    Good luck,

  2. S. T. permalink
    October 22, 2009 2:44 pm

    I had the opportunity to interact with RK2 Advisory team at my department UW Medicine ITS on both professional and personal levels:

    On professional level, I found them very well skilled, proactive, and enjoy such high intelligence of handling accounting, financial, and analysis tasks, yet they showed their capability of turning the complex data into simplified information you can rely on confidently. If they did not already named “RK2 Advisory” I would call them “High Logic Advisory”.

    On a personal level, I found them very pleasant, easy to work with and around, and actually they are always one step a head of you as being very social yet with great sense of professionalism.

    I would always recommend “RK2 Advisory” for any potential to get their services. It is only a matter of time for them to be well known.

    Good Luck

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